Yahoo to Relaunch Yahoo Video

Last weeks have been pretty rough for Yahoo! with staff layoffs and takeover bids but they still have some energy to announce that their Yahoo Video service will be relaunched.

New Yahoo Video

There are a lot of changes with many of them appealing a video-demanding user. Files limit has been raised to 150MB, a 16:9 viewer was added, users have better profiles and can use embedable playlists. These are great changes but what I think is going to have the biggest impact is the fact that they’re not limited to user submissions, because they are going to use other Yahoo properties for materials and that include shows, news, TV or movies.
Though they “reinvented” Yahoo Video the battle is fierce because rumors say Google is going to offer live streaming by the end of the year, on YouTube.
What do you guys think? Who will win? – by ALEX ION