BMW and Volkswagen show us how we’ll drive in the future

As we saw at CES last year, car manufacturers show off their latest technology coming to their cars in the future, including BMW and Volkswagen

As we have said in the past, the Consumer Electronic Show isn‘t as much about gadgets and mobile technology as it was in the past, and CES 2016 is no different. As we saw last year, car manufacturers are using it to show off their latest technology included in their cars. Many also offer us a vision of the future.
This year BWM has come to the show to knock your socks off with its i-Vision Future Interaction Concept. Yes, it‘s not a catchy name, but the tech stuffed into this car is extremely compelling. It is a Spyder version of the amazing BMW i8, but is in fact not in production. Rather, it‘s a showcase model to encapsulate everything we may see in BMW‘s cars in the near future.
Among other new features, you‘ll an amazingly beautiful new 21-inch ultra-wide display which controls everything within the car. You use smart new gesture controls to interact with it, allowing users to “œpush“ a button without touching the display.

German rivals Volkswagen have also pitched up at CES 2016 to show us their vision of the iconic Minibus, or Kombi as it‘s affectively known in our part of the world. What VW delivered here is pretty cool: it’s a compact all-electric that can get somewhere in the neighbourhood of 480 km on a single charge.
Called the Budd-e, it may be one of the ways we transport our families in the future.

What do you think about these concepts? Do you want them to make it into production? Let us know in the comments below.
Source: TheVerge
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