Answer calls on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 with your fist

Many smartphones are able to take phone calls from your wrist (although we’re not sure why you would need to – especially in public). But you usually still need to press the answer button on your display. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 wants to make it easier to answer the call with your wearable.

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The new wearable from Samsung will allow you to answer the phone call by simply clenching your fist.

According to XDA, the new Plugin app for the upcoming Galaxy Watch 3 includes support for hand gestures, most notably for answering phone calls. If your watch starts ringing, you just have to clench and unclench your fist to pick up. You can shake your hand to ignore a call, too.

It is a strange move for Samsung to release the new version of the support app before the device launches – it leaves even less to the imagination for the upcoming Unpacked event where Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 20, among other phones.

Another new feature is fall detection. If the Galaxy Watch 3 detects that the user has fallen it’ll ring for 60 seconds for a response. If you don’t answer, it’ll text your location and a five-second audio recording to emergency contacts. You can also instruct the wearable to make an emergency call a minute after the fall. These features are to assist the elderly who can’t have permanent help around.

Otherwise there doesn’t seem to be any major upgrades over the Galaxy Watch.

There is expected to be two variants – one with a 45mm body, the other being 41mm in size. The Galaxy Watch 3 is set to be a minor sideshow to the Galaxy Note 20, though.

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