Samsung accidentally leaks the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

In what could only be described as a gross oversight, Samsung have themselves accidentally leaked the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The device popped up on the company’s official Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese Galaxy Note 8 product pages and visitors quickly shared the images before the error was corrected.

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The leak also confirmed a new colour that will be announced at the early August launch event, called “Mystic Bronze.”

The images seem to confirm the rumours that the Note 20 Ultra will have a periscope telephoto lens, just like the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It looks like the bottom camera would be the likely candidate, as we’ve seen on all other camera modules with a periscope lens. Interestingly, the window that lets in the light isn’t rectangular like we’ve seen before.

The copper colour scheme looks fetching, which has also been given to the S-Pen. In the past Samsung preferred to colour just the tips the same as the device on most Note devices.

Does the Galaxy Note 20 look like a device you would be interested in? What do you think of the new colour? Let us know in the comments below.