Did Star Wars Battlefront live up to expectations?

Star Wars is a massive franchise, with all sorts of products. Gaming has always been a cornerstone of the universe, but did Star Wars Battlefront disappoint?

By Conor Dohorty
Since Disney bought the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas and announced the release of The Force Awakens, film audiences have been in a frenzy for all things Star Wars-related. The film, which followed Star Wars Battlefront, came out in December 2015 certainly didn‘t disappoint and has bagged over $2 billion globally.
Of course, beyond the films themselves, Star Wars is a massive franchise, with all sorts of products from clothing and theme park rides, to toys and gadgets being sold in every corner of the world. Gaming is one industry that has certainly got the Star Wars bug, and one game in particular is leading the way through the galaxies.
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Star Wars Battlefront invites players to take part in their very own intergalactic battles across the same landscapes as those populated by the film characters they love. From Endor to Hoth, Tatooine to Sullust, these intrepid adventurers can embody their favourite characters (in sole player mode) and fight to the death in the action shooter video game. The game can be played in a number of modes depending on the types of battle players most relish. Whether playing solo, with a partner or with up to 40 others online, each experience of Star Wars Battlefront is unique. Developed by EA DICE, the game was released in November 2015 to mixed reviews.
Many fans have responded to the game positively, with a few provisos. A common response seems to be that the game lacks depth and is derivative rather than ground-breaking, but that its Star Wars credentials make it still well worth the effort. This is key; the game transports players to become protagonists in a world they‘ve watched from afar all their lives, giving it the pulling power of nostalgia as well as the promise of adventure.
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Moves within the game have been criticised however, with mobility said to be limited and players have complained that they never feel like they‘re part of the main thrust of the battle ““ they‘re always the Stormtrooper, never the Jedi. Although there is a single player mode, the game has deliberately focussed its efforts on online play, which is why not everyone can be the hero. For those who do play alone, the story mode is non-existent and only wave battles can be fought ““ another black mark among gamers.
One area where Battlefront has gained more praise is in its sound quality. Gamers feel that the sound effects are both impressive and that they offer a true reflection of those used in the film, giving them real emotive impact.
It certainly can‘t be argued that Star Wars: Battlefront has enjoyed the absolute, unquestionable success of the film franchise from which it was spawned. Overall, the consensus seems to be that this generally solidly designed game misses the mark in key areas and doesn‘t have the sheer deep soul of Star Wars itself.