Xbox One remote play not set to come to smartphones

This year has seen interesting developments in the console wars; with Microsoft up-ending Sony’s Remote Play with game streaming between Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs, and Sony recently revealing it’s plans to introduce the same technology between the PlayStation 4 and both Macs and PCs.
Where Microsoft still lags behind, however, is introducing remote play technology between its flagship console and smartphones – now, bizarrely, Microsoft have confirmed that the company has no plans to pursue the feature in the foreseeable future.
While Sony’s Remote Play app might only be compatible with a limited number of high-end Xperia handsets such as the Z4 Tablet, Microsoft hasn’t seen fit to introduce a similar feature with the launch of its two most recent flagships – the Lumia 950 and 950 XL.
A Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed to TechRadar that the company has no plans to introduce Remote Play to smartphones, clarifying that “there are number of considerations to take into account for [smartphone] compatibility, although technically it should be possible”.
While Microsoft may have the present monopoly on console-to-PC streaming with the release of the official Xbox app on Windows 10, the company’s new devices strategy leaves a gap that the firm’s Lumia flagships have yet to fill. However, with the news that the company is investigating producing a Surface Phone, some hope remains on the horizon.
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Source and featured image: TechRadar