Infographic: Facebook vs Twitter Social Demographics

The folks over at Digital Surgeons made this great infographic showing the difference in users between Facebook and Twitter – and there are quite a few interesting tidbits in there:

  • Looks like a larger percentage of Facebook users login everyday, but Twitter users are much more likely to update their status everyday. Its probably because they do not want to be that person that floods their friend’s newsfeeds. Come on – we all know those people…
  • Facebook and Twitter have more female than male users.
  • Both Facebook and Twitter have a large base who update from their mobile. And with Twitter’s official apps now available on most modern mobile operating systems, that number is only set to grow. (Twitter’s CEO now announced that 40% of tweets now originate from mobile devices)
  • I do not really trust the income stats – just because these stats would have to surveys, and I do not really believe them to be representative of Facebook or Twitter. Also, only a certain subtype of online user will take part in these types of surveys.