Meta is shutting down its Slack competitor, Workplace

Meta Platforms is phasing out Workplace, its enterprise collaboration platform, over the next two years. The service, similar to Facebook but designed for professional use, will cease operations by August 2025.

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This decision allows Meta to prioritize the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and metaverse technologies, areas the company believes will revolutionize the future of work.

Launched with ambitions to rival Slack and establish a foothold in the office productivity space, Workplace garnered a subscriber base of 7 million in May 2021. Meta envisioned the platform as a revenue stream through subscriptions and a way to expand Facebook’s reach into professional settings. High-profile clients like Starbucks, Walmart, and Spotify were once showcased as success stories.

However, Workplace ultimately fell short of expectations. To support a smooth transition for existing customers, Meta will collaborate with Zoom. Customers will be migrated to Zoom’s Workvivo, a similar enterprise social network platform.

Despite Workplace’s closure, Meta remains committed to developing workplace-related products. The company will focus its efforts on integrating features within its Quest VR headsets, potentially shaping how we collaborate and interact in the metaverse.

While Workplace ceases operations for external users in August 2025, Meta employees will continue to utilize the platform internally. Additionally, customer data will be accessible until May 2026.