No more iPhone in South Africa

It seems iPhone has reached the end of its stint in South Africa. Rumors have it that Vodacom has discontinued offering iPhones to its users
Pieter Uys, Vodacom chief executive, told the Business Day last month that “the iPhone for example that we would not have had even today in South Africa if we didn‘t have the muscle of Vodafone helping us to negotiate.”
Wow thanks Piet. But now it‘s reached an end. As I understand they brought in some 20 000 iPhones to South Africa. There are probably another 10 000 iPhones acquired by other means.
So there goes the app game and all the opportunities involved in that.
So in South Africa we don‘t have the Kindle, we‘ve just lost the iPhone, so why would you still build any web app for the local market?
Update – Our speculation is no more iPhone 3G units in SA – we should future generations of iPhone

  1. Maybe they prepping for the launch of the new 1. If apple is releasing a new Iphone (Which they most likely will), They most likely stopped anyone putting orders in a while back. Similar to what happened when the 3G was released. Or it could be that 20,000 phones in about 9 months arent nearly enough to warrant selling the phone in South Africa.

  2. Well maybe, and hey, this is just an idea…but maybe, try and focus on a market that is absolutely booming (yeah, like in South Africa too) for your apps: Yup, Windows Mobile and Symbian (hopefully Android soon).
    Microsoft is upping its ante on a BIG scale and I believe there’s a huge niche for someone to tap into mobile app development for WinMo. Same with Nokia and Symbian.
    But wait…ahh, no, it’s not as cool as Apple. I’ll just leave it at that. Right? RIGHT?

  3. I am confused… this seems odd and unrealistic in my view. The only reason Vodacom would stop selling the iPhone is because of Apple pulling out on them – I can’t see Vodacom stopping.
    As Ismail says, if it is only 20k sold then the number is low but once again I blame Vodacom for this. They priced this phone completely out of the market. Another SA exploit that consumers have to deal with.

  4. Wow, this article is so open ended. There is absolutely no evidence to accurately substaniate that Vodacom have discontinued the iPhone. I have just received my 8Gb iPhone from Vodacom on a Talk 130 contract.
    I agree with ismail on this one. Until there is substantial evidence proving otherwise, I believe Vodacom are simply offloading their remaining stock of current iPhone’s and are awaiting the arrival of the new iPhone in July.

  5. How they make the conclusion from that state i don’t know. It’s a crap article with no substance.
    I don’t see it disappearing. There is a new model coming which will probably be announced this coming week with WWDC.

  6. I think it means no more iPhone 3Gs will be imported into SA. We would have to wait for the new iPhone in a few months. The second hand market is going to explode now!

  7. I bought an Iphone on Monday from Vodacom. I waited a month for it to come. It’s brand new. Bidding starts at R50 000.
    Thank you

  8. This is *not* True … it can’t be why would Apple drive for adoption and then let providers take it away …. not true unless Vodacom lost exclusivity.

  9. this article is thumb suck. the new iphone 3G S is due for release in July, vodacom announced today.

  10. No more iPhone 3G – we will receive the new iPhone as the article states
    @Rick – Vodacom has no stock

  11. Got mine on the 22nd of June @ Vodacom 4U in Centurion. Waited a month for the shipment. So no they are not discontined yet, just stock contraints. They are getting sold out the whole time in mintues after hitting the shelves.

  12. I am so Pissed off!!!!!!!
    I bought an iPhone in Hong Kong in 2008 from a legitimate dealer, paid a large sum for it and have been using it ever since. Today whist sincing it with my lap top I was asked to upgrade the softwear which I foolishy did.
    My phone is now locked!! Anyone out there who can help??? I can’t understand why they don’t tell you that upgrading will result in the phone being locked. Staff at the Apple stores won’t help. APPLE HAVE STOLEN MY PHONE!!

  13. Hi Carol – your iPhone was likely unlocked by the Hong Kong dealer before you bought it. I have the same issue – I can’t upgrade to the latest software without unlocking my phone.
    Are you in SA? If yes search for ‘unlock iphone’ on and you will find plenty of people that can help restore your iPhone for a small fee.

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