More Twitter Followers, Kevin Rose Style

Though we didn’t know Kevin Rose guest blogs, he did it on TechCrunch. Why? Because the founder of Digg has 10 great ways that will increase your Twitter followers. Other than being an investor the guy is a “guru” on Twitter – only outranked by President Obama. And why do we cover it? Because we want to know if a previously obscure individual can become one of the leading personalities on Twitter, because many think the eleventh tip is … be a celebrity.
I’m not going to write all the 1o ideas in here, but there are a few that I certainly appreciate so if you’re serious about micro-blogging on Twitter they’d really help (don’t ask how much):

  • First you’ll need a bio. It’s the only way you can let new people know who you are. We can add, that you may also need a picture to go along with that.
  • Link to your Twitter account everywhere. Stick it in the subway, on a tram, in a train/plane or whatever places you visited out there. And we’ll use it … here’s Charl (quite active fella) and here’s me (a noob).
  • A brilliant idea. Kevin mentioned the contest Jason Calacanis had for his readers. If he were to be the most followed guy on Twitter, a random member would get a MacBook Air as a prize. Of course he never made it to the top position, but he sure added a few thousands of followrs. You can come up with such an idea, too.
  • Get involved more … Easier said than done

What do you guys think? Is there a way we can “make it”?
Image courtesy of action_datsun