Downloadable Videos: YouTube Starts a New Era

There is no doubt that only few companies on the Internet experiment success as frequently and with the magnitude, Google does.
youtubeclickdownload.pngTheir newest venture makes video downloads from YouTube as easy as mouse click. Launched in a highly limited version for now, the download tab on videos is currently available on some of the videos from President-elect Barack Obama’s ChangeDotGov Channel.
The option allows you to download videos in high-quality MPEG4, H.264 format, making them suitable for iPhone and even tv playback While the option for all users to download YouTube content freely is no small matter, one must note that many Internet addicts already use rip-off software to download these videos.
Despite having the feature regularly at some point in future, many of the videos might still be without the option for obvious copyright reasons.
Meanwhile, hold your horses. There’s no need to get too excited about it, because the experiment of allowing free video downloads could trigger legal hassles in the near future. So better wait and see what they come up with.
[via ArsTechnica]