BuddyPress under the Automattic umbrella

If you haven’t heard by now, BuddyPress is now under the Automattic umbrella and they are taking pride to “transform a vanilla installation of WordPress MU into a social network platform“. I was expecting something like this to happen considering the long hours spent by Andy Pealting to improve the functionality of a WMU install into a functional social network so as you read buddypress.com is moving to Automattic.
Why buy BuddyPress? Very simple. When you want to enter market it’s always harder to start from ground zero, so the best solution was to buy someone that has the skills and the experience to lead such a project. Andy Pealting was the best person to go after and so they did.
The new partnership (or call it ‘buyout’) is going to make BuddyPress even better so I’m already imagining the way a social network would look on BandwidthBlog. Can you see the opportunity for your own blogs?
via Mashable