Google Home opens up to third parties

Google is making a big move in the smart home space by opening up API access to its Google Home platform. This means app developers, both smart home-related and beyond, can now tap into the power of Google Home to create exciting new features for users.

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Previously siloed, smart home devices can now work together seamlessly. The Home APIs allow developers to integrate Google Home devices and automations directly into their apps, regardless of platform (iOS or Android). This paves the way for a more unified and convenient smart home experience.

Google has already secured partnerships with industry leaders like ADT and Eve. ADT is leveraging the APIs to develop a “Trusted Neighbor” feature, granting secure access to homes for trusted individuals. Smart device maker Eve is bringing its app to Android for the first time, enabling automations like lowering blinds when the temperature drops.

The reach extends beyond dedicated smart home apps. Imagine a fitness app that automatically adjusts the fan based on your workout intensity, or a vacation rental app that prepares the house for guests by adjusting lights and temperature. The possibilities are truly endless.

Security remains a top priority. Users have complete control over what apps can access their smart home devices and automations. Access can be granted or revoked at any time through the Google Home app. Additionally, developers must pass a certification process to ensure responsible use of the APIs.

Google’s Home APIs mark a significant step forward for the smart home industry. By opening its platform, Google empowers developers to create powerful and innovative solutions, ultimately enriching the smart home experience for users everywhere. This rollout signifies a future where smart home devices work together seamlessly, controlled not just by a single app, but by a universe of possibilities.