Watch the teaser for the Range Rover Electric, coming in 2024

Years after its initial announcement, Land Rover has officially embarked on its journey toward electrification by teasing the Range Rover Electric in a recent press release and video. The upcoming model promises an 800-volt architecture, aligning with the automaker’s commitment to electrify its entire vehicle lineup. While specific details remain scant, Land Rover asserts that the electric Range Rover will boast comparable performance to its flagship V8 counterpart while retaining the off-road prowess associated with the brand.

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The electric Range Rover is expected to showcase Land Rover’s in-house developed all-terrain capability, with features like the ability to wade through 850mm of water. Although this depth is slightly less than the V8-powered 2023 Range Rover’s capability, the electric variant emphasizes its environmental efficiency.

Land Rover aims to position the electric Range Rover as its “quietest and most refined” model to date, leveraging active road noise cancellation and sound design, along with enhanced cabin comfort attributed to the electric drivetrain’s inherently low noise levels. The vehicle will be constructed on Jaguar Land Rover’s Modular Longitudinal Architecture (LMA), utilizing an 800-volt platform known for supporting rapid charging, improved performance, heightened efficiency, and reduced weight.

The company pledges a seamless electric ownership experience, encompassing effortless charging, energy partnerships, over-the-air software updates, and intelligent technology to optimize range. Additionally, both the vehicle and batteries will be manufactured in the UK, at Solihull and Wolverhampton, respectively.

While crucial details like range and performance specifications, along with comprehensive images of the electric Range Rover, are yet to be unveiled, Land Rover invites enthusiasts to join the waiting list, emphasizing the anticipated blend of luxury, performance, and eco-friendly features in its forthcoming electric model.