The Apple Watch Pro leaks before launch

We are quickly approaching the iPhone 14 launch event, and as per usual leaks are coming in thick and fast. We have our first look of the new Apple Watch Pro, expected to be announced at the iPhone 14 event, thanks to leaked renders and cases. According to famed Apple reporter Mark Gurman, these leaks are real and “indeed it”.

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It turns out that previous leaks were all very accurate, as well. It has a bigger screen, is bulkier, but further than that is a simple evolution over the previous Watch Series 7 design, rather than a revolution.

The Apple Watch Pro will likely target extreme sports fanatics—the sort of people who wouldn’t mind spending close to $1,000 for Garmin’s high-end smartwatches. While that may sound extravagant, don’t forget that there have always been high-end Apple Watch models not meant for mortal wallets. The current Hermes Series 7 collection ranges all the way up to an eye-watering $1,759. Therefore, maybe a $1,000 Apple Watch Pro doesn’t seem so far-fetched?

The new case designs have also leaked, showing that the Apple Watch Pro will be 49mm in size.

Interestingly, there seems to be a new button on the side, which is very different to the previous models. It is on the left-hand side of the Watch Pro, and has a new protrusion to the right housing a mic, button, and Digital Crown that now appears to be better protected from accidental presses. Gurman had previously stated that the Apple Watch Pro’s larger display, battery, and rugged titanium casing “probably won’t appeal to all consumers, as it’s going to be bigger than most wrists.”

Would you be interested in such a large Apple Watch Pro? Let us know in the comments down below.