Apple is cutting iPhone production for 2022

Despite leaks and rumours that the iPhone 14 will have major upgrades, Apple doesn’t think it will sell more iPhones this year than it did last. Apple has predicted that sales of its most popular product won’t grow, signaling a similar view to some other tech giants that the world economic turndown will affect business for the next several years.

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The company has reportedly asked its suppliers to make around 220 million iPhones in 2022, which is the same as the number made in 2021. This is a revised target, with analysts previously predicting that Apple would make around 20 million more iPhone units in 2022 compared to the previous year. With the iPhone design finally tipped to change in the iPhone 14 Pro models, ditching the notch in favour of more display around punch outs for the cameras and Face ID sensors, it was thought the change would entice more people than usual to upgrade to the newest models.

But it could go the other way. Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said on Twitter that he believes “iPhone 14’s challenges will come from the demand side instead of the supply side.” In other words, he thinks that Apple will be able to meet its production goals (though he says it’s got some catching up to do thanks to lockdowns), but even those goals may be too high.