WHO working on a Coronavirus app for developing countries

There’s no way to avoid anything related to the Coronavirus nowadays. In case you still aren’t sure about certain information around it then the World Health Organisatin (WHO) has you covered. Specifically, according Reuters this past Saturday, the WHO has confirmed that it’s creating a mobile app.

On schedule to being released this month, the app will provide various info as well as guide users (particularly those in countries with limited resources) through symptoms to help them figure out if they have contracted the virus or not. What’s even more cool is that individual governments will be able to use the tech for their own apps too.

With all that said though, please note that the app is not a replacement for a necessary COVID-19 test. According to the little we gather so far, it will ask questions about your current condition and offer testing information based on your specific country. It is quite similar to this story we did not too long ago.

Misinformation and fake news is a big problem nowadays and in developing countries without proper infrastructure and technology this becomes even more serious. At the very least this app will help alleviate that.

Another line to notify you on and don’t quote us on this especially since it isn’t confirmed yet, the WHO is also apparently also thinking about including a Bluetooth-based contact tracing feature, as well. The concept behind contact tracing has been part of South Korea’s arguably world-leading efforts at containing the virus, but similar attempts in places like North Dakota in the US have not been as successful. There’s still some work to be done here but certainly encouraging news.

The fight against the virus continues and the WHO’s efforts in the battle are very much key. No doubt more developments are incoming with tech very much central. Till then, it’s wait and see, and continue to practice social distancing and of course, wash your hands!