Collaboration efforts inspire launch of CoronaFighter screening site

Collaboration is pivotal especially in the current fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. One of the collaborative efforts in place have led to the launch of a local online COVID-19 site fittingly called CoronaFighter. Described as a tool and an initiative, CoronaFighter is designed to make it easier to not only track symptoms but is also built as an initiative aimed at reducing pressure on medical facilities, reduce deaths and track the evolution of the disease in our country.

Pioneered by two doctors, Dr. Jarrad van Zuydam and Dr. Rick Diesel from InsightFit, the site was created in partnership with a host of other collaborators consisting of health authorities and teams at Sigma Digital and Lead Robot as well as 30 volunteers from the Civitas Founder Network and Knife Capital’s Grindstone network.

In terms of functionality, you will be glad to know that the site is quite straightforward and easy to use:

  • Simply click ‘Start Test’
  • Register using your email, phone number or Google Account,
  • Provide brief medical and travel history

Upon completion of the above, the app will then inform you of the latest NICD guidelines on next steps. The screening tool prompts users to call emergency services if they’re experiencing any severe symptoms. Otherwise, they can select their age and then click or tap on any symptoms they may be experiencing, including options such as a sore throat, fever, chills, non-severe breathing issues, and more.

Should the user’s answers indicate that they may have developed the virus, the screening tool will immediately prompt them to contact their doctor for potentially screening. In addition, the site also provides instructions on how to proceed in the meantime, from self isolation for a minimum of fourteen days from the onset of the symptoms, to getting lots of rest, and lastly, monitoring symptoms. So if you are still not quite sure then it’s best you checkout the site not only for potential screening purposes but also to access the information available on COVID-19 and FAQs. Stay safe out there.