Spin me right round: LG’s next phone may have a swivelling display

Before their production lines were upended with lockdowns and curfews, smartphone manufacturers were enjoying something of a design renaissance – where the idea of the vertically folding phone had suddenly been made to compete with the idea of a horizontally folding unit. Times were good, and the display industry more profitable than ever.

Now, LG is ready to take a step in a new direction with its next phone that – according to rumours – will have a swivelling display. Simply put, the design will apparently accommodate a primary display that can rotate from 90-degrees to 180-degrees to reveal a traditional vertical software keyboard underneath. Think of it as a design masterstroke, allowing you to watch a YouTube video in native format while having the space to type a comment beneath it.

While the idea certainly isn’t that new – LG itself launched swivelling feature phones more than ten years ago – the arrival of the format marks the first time a major manufacturer has undertaken to update the design with modern technologies and features.

The device is reportedly designed to complement LG’s G8X and V60 smartphones, each of which arrive with their own take on the use for a second screen. Up until now, LG has primarily punted second screens for use when multitasking or gaming.

Given its utility for watching video, editing images, or viewing other content in a 16:9 or 2:1 format, the swivelling LG phone – codenamed ‘Wing’ – is reportedly to feature a competitive camera setup that will carry a 64-megapixel main sensor. Additionally, the smartphone will support 5G connectivity.

ETNews further reports that, at launch, the smartphone is estimated to cost around $817 USD – slightly more premium than the incoming LG Velvet.

What are your thoughts? Could you see yourself using a swivelling display? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below.