This is the LG Velvet premium smartphone

For many of us the ending of the G flagship line of smartphones from LG is a sad turn of events. However, we have a new range of smartphones to look forward to, dubbed the LG Velvet range.

Until now we have only seen patents and sketches of what the device will look like. LG have taken the wraps off the design of the upcoming Velvet, giving us a peek of the brand new design language the Korean firm hopes will change its fortunes in the smartphone industry.

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The technology giant has posted a new teaser video that shows off the curved edges, the “raindrop” rear camera setup and the interesting range of colour options. It also gives us confirmation of the rumoured upper mid-range placement in the sector rather than a flagship – the LG Velvet will therefore be more affordable than the top of the range devices available today.

It will be running the Snapdragon 765 chipset, rather than the 865 you’ll find on Android flagships in 2020.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any other details at this point, but LG will be sharing similar videos detailing other features in the weeks to come. We expect the LG Velvet to launch on May 15th.

The design doesn’t tell us too much more about the phone, though it does seem that the 3.5mm headphone jack is going to be retained, with LG once again catering for those users who want superior audio from their smartphones.

It is good to see LG changing things up. Even though they had some great ideas, like the first company to include an ultra-wide-angle camera lens in its phone, they haven’t inspired a lot of sales. The G line got a good sending off with the LG G8X (review here), but we hope the Velvet will bring the dawn of a new era for LG.