iPhone 12 will have a new colour, larger sensors, bigger batteries

We usually find many colour options on the more affordable iPhones in the range, with the flagships usually only having about three colours. The iPhone XR had six colour options, with six more on the iPhone 11. Now, the iPhone 12 will have a new colour that will replace one from the iPhone 11. The Midnight Green will be replaced with Navy Blue.

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Other than colour options, we’ve learned quite a lot from what to expect from the iPhone 12 when it comes to hardware as well. We are expecting the standard iPhone 12 variant to have 6GB of RAM this year and will have 6.7-inch displays. These displays are going to be OLED panels, and we may even see OLED on the ‘cheap’ iPhone SE2 expected in March.

The iPhone 12 is rumoured to have three cameras in 2020, compared to the two the iPhone 11 had last year. In fact, the three sensors are expected to be bigger than current ones and may come straight from the flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max.

It will also be about 10% thinner than the model it will replace, which would presumably mean that the camera bump will be significantly thicker than on the current model.

As expected it will come with Face ID, whereas the iPhone SE2 will probably bring back Touch ID to cut down on cost. Many see that as a positive, as Touch ID is missed by many.

There will be 5G variants of the iPhone 12 range, but that will be exclusively available on the more premium Pro versions. Expect the 5G variants to garner another premium over and above the standard Pro versions of the range.

According to a new report the iPhone 12 may also include new battery technology. It will include smaller protection circuits that prevent batteries from overcharging and over-discharging. It will make batteries significantly smaller which means they will fit larger batteries into the same sized device.