ASUS' Zenbo is a home assistant with a face

Announced alongside new Zenfone 3 models this morning, ASUS’ new Zenbo home assistant is designed to run smart home solutions.

2016 has seen the beginning of a smart home revolution, with offerings such as Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home tying disparate tech strands together. Now, ASUS has developed its own Zenbo family robot, which serves as a home-bound digital assistant.
Zenbo is a family friendly assistant which, above and beyond key smart home features, bears a child-friendly face.
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ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih stated during its reveal that the company’s ambition with Zenbo is to”enable robotic computing for every household.
The robot is capable of roaming independently (looking similar to Star Wars: The Force Awaken’s BB-8 in the process) and can take direction through either voice command or through a touchpad interface on its… well… face.
The unit will further be able to offer spoken reminders, send emergency messages, as well as connect to smart devices such as connected lights, cameras, fire alarms, air conditioners.
Further, users will be able to make video calls from or browse the internet through the robot’s touchscreen interface.
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In a video teaser, ASUS teased the device’s ability to follow spoken commands and offer reminders, as well as the ability to showcase different forms of media. Further features ASUS demonstrated include the unit’s ability to display cooking recipes with instructions, or even read a child a bedtime story.
You can watch ASUS’ teaser below:

What are your thoughts on ASUS’ Zenbo smart home unit? Would such a device compliment your home setup, or is the idea altogether intrusive and somewhat creepy? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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