Windows Ink brings new stylus tech to Windows 10

A new preview has unveiled Windows Ink; a new set of enhancements to bring new stylus technology to Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system

Windows 10 Insiders have already received a preview version of Microsoft’s impending Anniversary update to the platform, and a newly revealed set of features named Windows Ink is set to bring new stylus support to the operating system.
In amongst other new features – such as a dark mode that OS X already sports – Microsoft’s Windows Ink workspace is aimed at introducing styli as a natural means of input to Windows 10 devices.
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Arguably, Microsoft-made devices such as the Surface Pro 3, Pro 4 or Surface Book have already enjoyed a monopoly on stylus input through the Surface Pen, but the new update now seeks to add stylus support across a more broad range of devices.
The Ink Workspace has been designed to quickly organise apps with stylus support, and introduces a sketch screen though which users will be able to annotate screen grabs and sticky notes.
Further, Windows Ink introduces a simplified setup for third party styli, which will allows users to configure which hardware buttons trigger certain actions.
One of the greater strengths of the Surface, Surface Pro, and Surface Book models has been its integration with the Surface Pen. Up until now, the latter has mostly been used to work inside OneNote or Fresh Paint.
Windows 10’s Anniversary Update looks set to take stylus mobility in an entirely new direction, though it remains to be seen if consumer support for styli in general will grow similarly.
What are your thoughts? Would you by a stylus to work with Windows Ink? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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