Tim Cook hints more Apple apps are set to come to Android

Apple CEO Tim Cook has hinted that more Apple apps on Android are set to arrive, following the likes of Apple Music and Move to iOS.

Apple might have already dipped its toes into Android, but according to new statements from Tim Cook, even more Apple apps on Android could soon be a reality.
Presently, Apple already has three apps on Android; Apple Music, Move to iOS, and Beats Pill. According to Cook, the first of those three were a means of ‘testing the waters’ to see if the company could holistically expand its services to the Android.
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Apple Music received widespread critical disdain following its Android launch, largely due to its lack of quality and polish. However, Apple has worked to refine the app in subsequent updates.
Apple nor Cook, naturally, hasn’t opted to expand on those comments, which were made at a recent ‘Town Hall’ event for Apple employees.
However, a logical place and reason for Apple to begin creating Android apps would be its array of iCloud services – else, the company could focus on creating Apple TV – or, at a push, Apple Watch – compatibility apps as a means of expanding its revenue stream.
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