Turing Phone drops Android for Sailfish OS

In surprising news, a Sailfish OS Turing Phone may soon hit the market, leaving Android behind as its previously preferred operating system. 

One of our most loved pieces in 2015 was regarding the Turing Phone; a device slated to bring ‘next-gen’ features into the smartphone market including an indestructible frame and state of the art encryption. Now, it would seem that instead of getting an Android device as we expected, we’ll be getting a Sailfish OS Turing Phone instead.
The device, which was to be released before the end of the first quarter of 2016, has been delayed, with TRI (the firm behind the device) contacting customers to inform them that the phone will now be released in April.
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A Sailfish OS Turing Phone is an interesting decision, given the beleaguered nature of the operating system. TRI has promised that an Android compatibility layer will allow the device to continue to run Android apps, though we’re not certain how well such apps will perform outside of their native operating system.
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