South African App Store prices set to increase

In the wake of a weaker rand, South African App Store prices are expected to increase, leading apps for iOS and OS X to become even more expensive.

iOS and OS X disciples beware; prices in the South African App Store are set to increase within the next 72 hours in the wake of the Rand’s decline against the US Dollar following the events of recent weeks.
South African App Store pundits aren’t alone – Apple has announced that users in Canada, Singapore, Russia, New Zealand, Israel and Mexico will further be affected by the price increase.
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Both the prices of apps and in-app purchases are set to be affected, and users presently enjoying a subscription through the South African App Store will be required to re-subscribe at a new price in order to continue using the service.
Presently, it is uncertain as to what degree prices in the South African store will change; in Canada, the lowest pricing tier for apps and games will now start at $1.39 CAD – up from $1.19 CAD in September of 2015.
What are your thoughts? Will you purchase apps more cautiously thanks to the new increase? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!