Microsoft officially ends Windows 8 support

Microsoft has officially buried its prior operating system; the company has ended Windows 8 support in favour of Windows 10

The end is nigh: Microsoft officially ends Windows 8 support today, and will no longer release security patches for the operating system, leaving it vulnerable to hackers and other malcontents.
The company has confirmed that Windows 8 support will end as far as security features are concerned; the company will still add features up until the 9th of January in 2018, and will offer extended support up until the 10th of January in 2023.
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The company’s intent with this move is clear; Microsoft very definitely want consumers to quickly upgrade to the latest – and final – version of Windows, Windows 10.
The end of support for Windows 8 includes both the core release version, as well as Microsoft’s revised update, Windows 8.1.
Microsoft’s ambition with Windows 10 is to see the operating system reach 1 billion devices – a count the company as well on the way to thanks to the introduction of updates to Windows Phone and the Xbox One.
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