Hands-on preview: Wiko Fever – feeling the heat

Yesterday we devoted most of our coverage to previewing to covering the devices that Alcatel has brought to this year’s AfricaCom conference; namely, the OneTouch Idol X and the GO Smartwatch.
However, Alcatel wasn’t the only French company to make a splash at AfricaCom; challenging its rival for the crown is Wiko, another European brand that is set to launch in South Africa.
Wiko brings with it a bundle of smartphones aimed at penetrating the growing low-end to mid-tier market; amongst other inspired names such as the Rainbow JAM and Highway PURE handsets, Wiko showcased the comparatively simply named Fever.
The Fever 4G sits in an interesting position in Wiko’s lineup; neither does the handset sit in either the manufacturer’s front line, nor its rear; marketed as ‘useful and trendy’, the Fever sits neatly at an intersection that the South African market has been longing for; the meeting point of usability, performance and affordability.
In hand, the Fever’s party trick is that the handset is glow in the dark, utilising luminescent phosphorous lines to render the handset easily visible at night. While some may question the usefulness of such a gimmick, the good news is that the Fever sits comfortably in hand and brings with it a refreshing build quality that feels equal parts austere and classy.
Powered along by an Octa-Core 1.3Ghz processor with 3GBs of RAM, the Fever runs amicably, and the quality of both its cameras – primary and secondary – shines through. Wiko’s custom skin brings with it a dollop of colour which renders the front end of the device as cheery and fun.
Overrall, the Wiko Fever creates a strong first impression, and appears to be aimed directly at a promising soft spot in the South African market. Stay tuned for pricing and availability news!