All Samsung phones look the same – introducing the ‘new’ Galaxies

Where are the days when I was still excited when a new Samsung was on the horizon?
Samsung have saturated the market to such an extent that most people haven‘t been able to tell them apart for the last couple of years. But at least the different versions of the Galaxy S family did look slightly different in one way or another.
Then at the end of last year we saw the introduction of some interesting new Galaxy smartphones; some that actually stood apart from the flagship Galaxy S line and Galaxy Note.
The bottom of the line Samsung Galaxy A3, brought affordability with an interesting new all metal design that we rather liked. Then, its slightly more serious brother, the Samsung Galaxy A5 (which is available in SA) turned that up a notch and we really liked it (read our full review here). The most grown up of them all was the Samsung Galaxy A7, which wasn‘t the flagship beast that the Samsung Galaxy S6 was, but still wanted to be a top notch phone at a more affordable price point.
The Galaxy A range was the only one that didn‘t disappear into the Samsung-filled crowd, and we commended Samsung for that reason. Now, however, they have completely dropped this formula and will update the Galaxy A range with the same design that is now prevalent on all its smartphones.
New leaked pics of the upcoming second iterations of the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 shows us what Samsung plans for this previously unique devices. Now the Galaxy S6 design is emblazoned all over it, and we have to question this choice. Does Samsung want to compete against itself offering cheaper phones that look exactly the same?
We don‘t have any confirmation of specs yet, but early rumours points toward the devices launching at the beginning of next year.
What do you think about Samsung‘s new design for all these phones? Are you a fan of all of them looking the same, or would you have liked them to have different designs? Let us know in the comments below.
Source: PhoneArena
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