New Lumia 950 packs a massive 3340 mAh battery

The highly anticipated upcoming Microsoft Nokia Lumia 950 has had a huge amount of leaks and reports on everything from software to design. You would think that there isn’t much else to learn with the device launch being imminent. We have seen the design, revealed by the manufacturers themselves as well as a few key specs, and the rest of the features were divulged.
Now we have one more detail and it is one that ranks high among all smartphone users, namely the massive user-replaceable 3,340 mAh battery. Back in the day, when the 5.7-incher and its smaller 5.2-inch model were rumored to adopt all-metal constructions, we thought Redmond would take a page from Apple or Samsung‘s playbooks, and restrict access to batteries.
Luckily that seems not to be the case. This design also llows Microsoft to easily offer microSD storage expansion. The large battery on the XL model beats the new Galaxy Note 5 by 340 mAh. The non-XL Lumia 950 is itself expected to pack a gigantic removable battery relative to its footprint (3,000 mAh), and besides a Snapdragon 810 ““ 808 SoC distinction, the two phones should share the same exact specifications.
Source: PocketNow
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