Apple producing content for top Connect artists

Fresh from the release of their own streaming service, Apple has begun producing exclusive video content for its top artists in a bid to entice users to remain with the service past its three month free trial.
The Pitchfork cites that the company is producing video content for charting artists, such as Drake, Eminem and Pharrel. The former’s latest video, Energy, which debuted on the service, was made in-house by Apple’s own production team.
Addtionally, both Eminem’s Phenomenal and Pharrell’s Freedom video – both Apple Music exclusives – were produced by the Cupertino company.
The news comes as certainty that the company is working toward endearing a new audience to Apple Music and the Connect social media component. It marks the first occasion that the company – beyond its own advertisements – has produced original content to debut in a new service.
Reportedly, the next artist to receive created content will be M.I.A., followed by the likes of James Bay, Diddy, and Purity Ring.

Apple Music was officially released on June 30th, and arrives with a three month free trial

The company’s Ping service on iTunes – the precursor to Apple Music’s Connect service – failed due to a lack of interest from consumers. Apple’s determination to see Apple Music succeed has now seen the company step into a new realm entirely.
Further, the news might also foreshadow the company’s upcoming new music format – which allegedly interweaves both album art and musical content, to some degree – which is being produced alongside U2.