Exclusive: Apple iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Deals

We are proud to present an exclusive Bandwidth Blog deal for the much sought after Apple iPhone 5S and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphones.
Upon researching and looking into the available contract and prepaid deals in the country, we decided to offer our readers a couple of amazing deals on popular devices. These deals are perfect for people who know the benefits of not having to be attached to a two year contract. With help from our friends over at Bfore.co.za we were able to make these deals a reality.
The two deals are as follows (with instructions below):
Deal 1: Apple iPhone 5S 32GB (read our review here)
Save R2700 on an Apple iPhone 5S bundle. The 32GB model of the latest iPhone is included, plus a SIM card with free R100 MTN AnyTime airtime for 24 months, worth R2400.
Cost: R9288.00
Deal 2: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 32GB LTE (read our review here)
Save R2650 on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 bundle. The 32GB model with LTE capabilities of the latest stylus enabled Samsung phablet is included, plus a SIM card with free R100 MTN AnyTime airtime for 24 months, worth R2400.
Cost: R8749.00
To get your hands on these amazing deals all you need to do follow these steps:

  • Share the article through a social network
  • Fill in your email address in the form below
  • We will then send your promo code for these deals
  • Go to the Bfore.co.za website and browse to the specific product you want to buy
  • Select the R2400 MTN AnyTime airtime option with the device and add to cart
  • When you go to the cart or checkout, enter the promotion code under Coupon Code

It will then credit the amount to your order and once you pay, all you need to do is wait for it to be delivered to your front door. These deals are available until February 28th 2014. You can also like Bfore’s Facebook page for competitions to win the iPhone and the PlayStation 4.
Please share this deal (and all our articles, in fact) as much as you can. The more you share, the more great deals and giveaways we can offer you!
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