Video claims to reveal the budget iPhone

Rumours are all over the place and it is hard to tell which ones are true when it comes to Apple products. They are generally very secretive and are great at keeping products a secret until the intended time. Sometimes some of these rumours are just too good to be true, and it is certainly the case here. This video claiming to showcase the new up and coming budget iPhone is very polished and we believe this hands-on of the phone is another hoax.
That being said, it does seem to tie into all the other reported rumours over the last couple of months. This comes via sources associated with M.I.C. Gadget. Is this just a collection of design cues put together in order to sell the “Bear” brand Android imitation shown later in the same video (past the break,) or could it be the real iPhone housing? At the moment we’re buying neither, but with such a detailed set of images (at the source,) it provides a tantalising taste of what could be, if nothing else.
Check it out below (you might need to follow the link to Vimeo):