LiquidSafe brings European nano technology to SA (Updated)

Cape Town based LiquidSafe has recently been awarded the exclusive license in South Africa to supply the latest nano technology.
Originally developed in Europe the technology, that was the product of over 16 years of research and development, protects mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices from humidity, rain, snow and water exposure with a chemical compound 2000 smaller than a strand of hair and without changing the look and feel of the device.
With its head office based in Johannesburg, LiquidSafe founder and CEO Björn Oehl, says that “Joburg is the site of our Nano-Coat Plasma Reactor,” the machine used to manufacture the technology. “Customers will be able to send us their phones to be nano-coated with our patented invisible monomer (gas). This will make the phone 100% water resistant without a case.”
LiquidSafe’s nano-coating technology is flexible and not visible to the human eye, is resistant to elevated temperatures up to 200°C, sweat, salt and acid resistant and has a typical thickness of 40nm to 250 nm.
Unlike the traditional water resistant approach this tech works by creating surface tension at the molecular level, rather than sealing the underlying surface.
The technology is backed by 9 International Patent Families issued to LiquidSafe’s European partner who has been manufacturing custom low pressure vacuum plasma machines for small and larger Fortune 500 clients for over 20 years.
To see the nano technology in action, watch the video below: