BlackBerry Z10 Contract Comparison

By Lilian van Zyl, design and Stefan de Klerk, research.
BlackBerrys are extremely popular in South Africa and have provided many with their first access to the Internet. As a result there has been much hype around the arrival of the new BlackBerry Z10 (watch the BWB TV video review), now available on all major South African cellular networks.
When trying to decide which cellphone contract offers the best deal, it’s always a good idea to compare offers from different providers. This is why the moneysmart team, known for their comparative infographics, went through the exercise of comparing BlackBerry Z10 contracts from the four big networks.
moneysmart, an online personal finance and credit management tool, looked at standard entry-level contracts offering similar packages on airtime, SMSs and data comparing  service providers 8ta, Cell C, MTN and Vodacom. Virgin Mobile was not included as no offer was available on their site.
If you’re interested in getting the BlackBerry Z10 on contract from one of these providers check out the interactive moneysmart infographic comparing these contracts below.

Disclaimer: This comparison is not intended to serve as a definitive or complete guide to getting a BlackBerry Z10 contract. Please consult with a representative from your chosen network to discuss the most suitable contract for you. The above figures were collected from the respective networks‘ websites and from in-store pamphlets and brochures and were accurate at the time of publishing this article. Prices and rates are subject to change.