Apple loses iPhone trademark to Android manufacturer in Brazil

It may seem strange to us, but the device pictured above is an iPhone. Even more surreal, this phone is an Android device. Thanks to a ruling by Brazilian courts, this device will retain the iPhone brand name.
Apple has been ruled not to have exclusive rights to the trademark in Brazil. The dispute was settled quite simply, as the local company Gradiente registered the iPhone trademark in 2000. That‘s 7 years before the first Apple iPhone. While it would seem foolish for Apple to think they could invalidate this trademark, their argument centred on the fact that even though the trademark had already been filed, the company did not release a handset under that moniker until 2012.

While Apple is expected to appeal the decision, they still have exclusive rights to the iPhone term on clothing, in software and in publications. The iPhone is still being sold as such in Brazil, but we would imagine Gradiente will sue for exclusivity. If that were to happen, what would Apple call their flagship smartphone in Brazil?
If you had to rename the iPhone, what would you call it?
Source: BBC