Microsoft planning cross platform update with 'Blue'

Based on information revealed by a source, ZD Net‘s Mary Jo Foley has reported that Microsoft’s next version of Windows codenamed ‘Blue’ is also the name of the next update for Windows Phone, Windows Services and Windows Server, as well.
So, contrary to what was previously speculated, it’s looking more like Blue for Windows 8  is a wave of updates for the platform across various Microsoft products.
However, this does not necessarily mean they will be released simultaneously. Rather, updates could be scheduled on a yearly basis.
According to Foley, “Instead of RTMing a new version of Windows once every three or so years…Microsoft is going to try to push Blue out to users far more quickly, possibly via the Windows Store.”
At this point there is not information about specific features coming with Blue products  and services, however the source does reveal that new versions of Internet Explorer, Mail, Calendar, Bing, the user experience and other integrated apps are likely to get tweaked.