Galaxy S3 becomes top selling smartphone in U.S.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has recently surpassed Apple’s iPhone 4S as the top selling smartphone in the U.S. in the month of August. This is the first time this has occurred since the iPhone was launched in October 2011.
This is an interesting result, as Apple attempted to impose an injunction on the Galaxy S3 to prevent it from entering into the U.S. before its scheduled launch date on 21 June on the grounds that the popular smartphone infringed on two of its patents.
More recently, Apple wants the court to add the S3 to the list of devices that were banned in the U.S. in a big case they won just the other day.
With the much anticipated release of Apple’s next generation iPhone, expected to take place on 12th September in San Francisco, it is anticipated that this lead will be short-lived however.
This was according to an analyst Michael Walkley who also commented that according to some U.S. service providers, iPhone sales have been soft ahead of the launch of Apple’s next iPhone, as buyers hold out for it, allowing the Galaxy S3 to catch up on sales and take the lead.
This remains to be seen, once Apple has unveiled its latest iPhone.
The table below, indicates the Top 3 Selling smartphones in the U.S. by service provider from May to August 2012.

Source: Apple Insider