Free Stellenbosch Wi-Fi now live

We previously covered the story about the exciting initiative to provide free Wi-Fi for Stellenbosch and its residents.
The service, that is offered free of charge and without any need for registration is now live. To access, people can just look out for the “Stellenbosch Free Wifi” SSID. Range of the wifi is pretty limited right now, with access given in the area close to MXit’s offices in lower Dorp street, according to Simon de la Rouviere.
Joe Botha tested the Wi-Fi service with a speed test hosted by Web Africa, which you can see in the image below. Right now it is pretty speedy, but apparently the speed will be throttled to 1Mbps on official rollout on 1 April. The internet connection is also limited to web browsing, so don’t expect to go on an app download frenzy.
Update: Albert Cornelissen sent his speedtest results in, and it is not half bad!

To our readers in Stellies – have you tried it out? Is it worth using so far?