FNB will bring the new iPad to South Africa

My Broadband has reported that First National Bank (FNB) has confirmed that it will be bringing the new iPad, announced on 7th March, to South Africa and will continue to sell the iPad 2 below retails prices.
Apple announced that the new iPad will become available in the U.S. and 12 other countries on the 16 March at the same price as the iPad 2 and by the end of the month, it will be available in another 26 countries. As with previous Apple product releases, South Africa did not make it into the first two release waves.
FNB, which launched a special deal on tablet PCs and smartphones for some of its customers, has confirmed that it will be bringing in the new iPad.
Ilse Smuts, head of marketing at FNB Core Banking Solutions, said that FNB will be supplying the new iPad at the lowest possible price point and confirmed that FNB will continue to supply the iPad 2 and will do below the recommended retail price.
With regard to the dates, Smuts said that it all depends on when the iPad is made available in SA.
“œFNB has a strong relationship with local Apple distributors. When the devices become available in South Africa we will work with the Core Group to ensure that these devices are available to our customers,“ said Smuts.

When asked whether they expect to sell the new iPad at the same price as the iPad 2, Smuts said that they would have to look at pricing based on the device cost, landing cost as well as the exchange rate at the time.
Local distributors of Apple products in South Africa, Core Group, said that it did not have confirmation on local information on the new iPad, including whether or not it would keep selling the iPad 2 at a reduced price as Apple will be doing elsewhere.
While many expected that the new tablet would be named either the iPad 3 or iPad HD, due to its high defintion retina display screen, Apple dropped the numbering scheme for its  third generation iPad and simply called it “the new iPad”.
FNB continues to lead the way in innovation and recently launched an initiative that allows its customers to send vouchers to their friends through Facebook.