Will the much anticipated iPad 3 be called the iPad HD?

According to a report by CNet, Apple may break away from its traditional numbering scheme for its next generation iPad in order to promote the new feature on the upcoming iPad 3 – the high-definition screen and retina-like display and call it the iPad HD.
An inside source has revealed that the next iPad, expected to launch on March 7, will be using the HD moniker instead of going with “iPad 3” as woudl be expected. This recently revealed information matches up to previous reports published by various tech websites including Gizmodo, that reported an alleged list of upcoming cases from Griffin and Belkin, listing the product as “iPad HD (3)” and usage reports from an application called Tapatalk which runs on iOS, Android and Blackberry and included the “iPad HD” among the list of devices using it.
The question now however is if this name is already in use. While Apple owns the rights to the iPad name in the U.S and other countries, although this is currently being debated in China, are other companies online already using the name?
The answer to that question is yes. The owner of iPadHD.com has revealed that he registered the domain before the original iPad was announced back in 2010 and has reportedly never been contacted by Apple with regard to it, over the last few years or leading up to its launch in the last couple of weeks.

However, this certainly does not mean that Apple will not be taking the name for itself now as it did with Cisco and the iPhone name after introducing it  – a move that lead to a legal confrontation between the two companies. Apple also picked up iCloud.com from another company to play home to its cloud-based service last year.
Apple has been known to tack simple modifiers onto its product names before, so a name like the iPad HD wouldn’t be an exception. For example, in the fifth major version of its iMovie software (part of iLife), Apple added support for 720p and 1080i video, and also dropped the version number in favour of calling it iMovie HD. The second-generation iPhone also simply got a “3G” tacked on the end to denote that it was compatible with third-generation cellular networks.
Apple‘s next iPad is expected to sport a high-resolution display running at 2,048 by 1,536 pixels in comparison to current iPads that feature a much lower resolution 1,024 by 768 display. The higher-resolution display will not only make text and pictures sharper, it will also make the iPad HD the only tablet to support 1080p high-definition at its full resolution.
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Source: Venture Beat