Follow NY Fashion Week Online

If fans thought they had to be in the Big Apple to be part of one of the biggest fashion events of the year, social media provides the platform for all the access right at the runway as the world of fashion and the web come together.
The Mercedez Benz Fashion week 2011 will kick off the global fashion season on the 8th September in New York City. While models strutt designer couture of the best fashion names in the industry, the press, fashion’s elite and stylish celebrities will have a first hand look at what’s hot in the multi-billion Dollar industry. You may not be on the guest list but you can still be a part of the spectacle online.
Designers and the press are taking advantage of the web to create a much larger audience base than are present at the runway shows. Many brands are choosing to stream the unveiling of their new collections through their own websites, Facebook Fan Pages and video platforms such as youtube.  In addition, members of the press will be uploading pictures and reviews onto their respective news websites. The dedicated LiveRunway’s channel on youtube will also provide comprehensive information on model  bio’s and interviews, designer collections, behind the scenes footage and more.  For the first time this season, a mobile version of most of the streams will be available.
These social media tools create the additional exposure and accessibility of an exclusive global event for the fashion conscious public.