How to: Buy iTunes Vouchers


To access all the apps that the Apple iTunes store has to offer from outside the US, you’ll have to purchase vouchers online. Before you can do this you need to create a US iTunes account. For step-by step instructions to create your account click here.
iTunes vouchers are a replacement for a US credit card that resident users would use when creating their account. In thise case, the vouchers are loaded onto your iTunes spend and allow you to purchase any app or music track you want. We’ve put together the quick and easy steps you need to follow to get your vouchers and start spending.
1. There are a number of different websites you can use to purchase the desired iTunes voucher amount with a South African credit card or in some cases a PayPal account. They are:

  • iTunes Express
  • Maximus Cards
  • Evopoints
  • Wildtwig

2. Once you’ve bought your voucher you’ll receive an email with a code from iTunes. Go to the iTunes store, login and click on the ‘Redeem’ link under the ‘Quick Links’ section and enter in the code.

3. Now, you should see your email address with the gift voucher amount loaded in the status bar. You can continue to top up your account with vouchers anytime. Enjoy!