Infographic: How are Mobile Phones Changing Social Media?

Those of us who are addicted to our mobile phones (hold on, who is not?) know all to well that accessing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is a lot easier on your phone than on a PC, and in many cases, a lot more useful. Instead of waiting until you are in front of a computer, you take out your phone and access the sites right on the spot, and keep your friends (or followers) updated. So here we have a great infographic from the guys at Flowtown to explain how phones have affected social media.
Some interesting Stats:

  • People who access Facebook from their phones are twice as active on the social network.
  • There is a good spread across all age ranges for people accessing social networks from their phones. Clearly, it is not only the young ones who do it.

If you cannot see the infographic, please click through.You might want to click on the image to open it on its own, and then zoom in. Yeah, its a big one.