Microsoft announces new Kinect enabled games – The Gunstringer, featuring Fruit Ninja Kinect

Mark your calendars for a bullet-slinging, fruit-slashing party this September because Twisted Pixel‘s Kinect-enabled action shooter “œThe Gunstringer and the highly anticipated “œFruit Ninja Kinect“ will be bundled together at retail for R399.00. (See our review of the Kinect here)
Whether you shoot-em-up or slice-em-up, YOU are the controller in these two fun, action-packed titles. The retail bundle will be available in South Africa from 16 September 2011.
In “œThe Gunstringer“, you control a fiery gun-toting marionette through his adventures, combining solo platforming and shooting mechanics into fun, competitive action with a full suite of collectables, unlockables, abilities, rewards and more. Plus, as a special bonus to celebrate the release of “œThe Gunstringer,“ players can also download a free add-on pack for the game at launch called “œThe Wavy Tube Man Chronicles“ which pits players against the time-traveling son of Wavy Tube Man, the first boss players battle in the game. In this add-on, Wavy Tube Man Jr. steals a time machine to prevent his father‘s death at the hands of “œThe Gunstringer,“ and it‘s up to players to battle classic western cowboys and futuristic warriors to save the world from destruction.

Along with the disc for “œThe Gunstringer,“the retail package will include a token code for the full downloadable version of “œFruit Ninja Kinect“ via Xbox LIVE.
“œFruit Ninja Kinect“ is an amazing evolution of the slice-em-up genre created by Halfbrick, which brings the worldwide mobile gaming phenomenon to Kinect so you can use your arms as blades in an epic battle against the world‘s most delicious produce is just beginning.