News24 iPad app takes off

It sure is great to see some well known SA brand names in the App-space – those of you sporting smartphones might already be using News24. I personally use the app every single day, and it is currently available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and the Nokia Ovi store.. So if you have not gotten round to download the News24 app, head to your relevant appstore.
Apparently the News24 iPad app has taken off very quickly with South African iPad users:
South Africans definitely don‘t lag behind in the tech savvy arena, with the both the iPad 1 and iPad 2 sold out within days after the launch it‘s no surprise that South Africa‘s biggest online news portal has had massive success with their iPad app. 
The News24 free iPad app has grown in leaps and bounds with a total of 28,303 downloads.
Says Geoff Cohen, General Manager of “œCurrently we have more than 15,000 active iPad users on the News24 app since its launch which indicates a huge uptake in content consumption on tablet devices. This trend is bound to progress and we have positioned ourselves to get the various brands digitally enabled to keep abreast of what consumers want with cutting edge apps.
 In saying that, we are also very pleased about the success of the recently launched City Press iPad app which has shown its successful integration from print to digital.“ says Cohen.
 With some exciting new apps currently under development to be launched in the near future, as Cohen would say “œwatch this digital space“.