iPad finally officially available in SA: Should you get it?

(Update: iPad 2 has been launched in South Africa)
If you are one of the people who have been dying to get an iPad, but somehow did not manage to get one through “unofficial” channels up until now, you are in luck. As of today you can finally buy the Apple iPad in official Apple reseller stores in South Africa. The best part is the price – where SA has traditionally always had ridiculous pricing when it came to Apple products, the iPad prices are actually surprisingly good, as you can see here (Digicape pricing):

Take into account that the cheapest iPad in the US trades for $500, this is not too bad. For way to long Core insisted on taking the US price and just multiplying it by ten. Good for them for changing that (I am not trying to get into another pricing debate here, I am actually complementing them). I still want to see what they charge for accessories as well though.
While its great to finally have the iPad available via official channels, I just have to point out something. It is today also exactly one year after the iPad has been announced in the US, so you might want to ask yourself if you so desperately need the first generation iPad now. My little bit of advice is to wait for the second generation iPad. While everything is just rumours up until now, you can expect a lot of improvements on the next generation model, and possibly even at a lower price point. If history is anything to go by – look at the jump from the first generation iPhone to the iPhone 3G… I think I will do a small experiment the weekend and ask some iStore / Incredible Connection salespeople if they recommend getting the iPad right now…
But all in all – it is wonderful news to finally have the iPad officially here in SA!
If you want to get one, it is available at iStores, Dion Wired, Incredible Connection and of course the best Apple Premium Reseller – Digicape. I recommend you phone ahead if you are driving out to get one. Something tells me it will sell out fast. You can also see where to get the iPad here.
Update: our man on the ground, Seb Stent went to go test out iStore’s salesmen about the iPad. If you want to see if they know their stuff – just click play! Sorry about the dodgy sound!