ESET Cybersecurity for Mac now available

OK, OK, I am pretty sure the first comment on this article is going to remind me that “Macs dont need antivirus!”… True, that has been Apple’s party line for quite some time, and luckily they have not really been proven wrong yet. But lets all remember one thing – the reason for the proliferation of Windows virusses and worms comes down basically because it is the most installed OS on the planet. If you are a lonely cooped up hacker who wants to make an impact, of course you are going to go for Windows.

Or so we think. In recent years Apple has quickly become the darling of the interwebz – and their track record has been (almost) blemish free. It is only a matter of time before the virus writers would target Mac vulnerabilities, and yes they do exist. Personally I dont run a antivirus on my Mac yet, but I have considered getting one, just because there are people with the belief that Apple is arrogant in their security claims
ESET launched their Cybersecurity for Mac suite this month – and here is their product statement:
Safe Made Safer
ESET Cybersecurity adds an extra layer of detection to OS X Internet security features:

  • Blocks any attempts to infect your Mac or steal your personal information.
  • Eliminates threats to your Mac from email and removable media, such as USB, FireWire, CDs, and DVDs.
  • Protects your Mac from malicious third party applications.

Eliminates PC Viruses, too
When sharing music, video, or other files, it’s possible that these contain viruses that are not a threat to the Mac, but should be removed to protect your friends, family and others who may receive files from you. ESET Cybersecurity eliminates Windows, Linux and OS X malware in real-time.
Stay Fast
ESET Cybersecurity won’t slow your Mac down. Full disk scans run smoothly in the background and security updates are automatic. Now, you can work, play, explore and create without slowdowns, annoying pop-ups, or compromising security for productivity.
Seamless Performance
ESET Cybersecurity is easy to install and setup, features intuitive dashboard displays, and provides instructions on how to address security threats. By integrating seamlessly with your Mac, ESET Cybersecurity works quietly in the background with low memory usage and minimal alerts.
The part that interests me the most is the blocking of PC virusses as well – so if your Mac is running in a mixed OS platform environment (we are living in a Windows world after all), the Mac will also intercept the spread of PC virusses. This alone might be reason enough to get it.
If you are interested in trying out ESET Cybersecurity, head over to for a 1 month trial version.