New Demand Based voucher system launched: Twangoo

Despite the bandwidth problem with Seacom at the moment, luckily there is still hope to make local internet users more savvy over time. In the US many people visit sites like Woot or Groupon as a way to quickly get access to great deals – however, as a business it makes it difficult to sometimes justify making a special offer available, and then only a few people might take advantage of it. After all, with low prices, high volume is your only choice to be profitable.
South African site Twangoo makes this service now available to us locals, and its offers are currently based on location in SA. The way it works is as follows: Shop A makes a special offer available, provided enough people are interested in it.But this special is only available if these people reserve the offer beforehand, and enough people do this within an alloted time. There is obviously great potential for a service like this.
Here is some more details:, South Africa‘s premier group buying club, uses the power of collective purchasing to access exclusive deals on exciting things to do in your city. The Twangoo team has been approaching the aspirational brands across each city and asking them to offer Twangoo members an exclusive deal of such incredible value that they would be silly to turn it down.

However there is a kicker to all this: The deal only happens if a predetermined number of people sign up for it. Members are told via email, Facebook, Four Square or Twitter of any new deal. If they see something they like, they reserve it and when enough people have signed up “˜the deal is on!‘ A voucher is emailed and then redeemed at the participating business.
Says Daniel Guasco, Founder and CEO “œBy using the Web to give consumers buying power through the leverage of groups, Twangoo is a great way to find new and exciting things to do at an unbeatable value. By joining the club ““ for which there is no cost – you become one of a few with access to preferential deals at Cape Town‘s trendiest restaurants, concerts, events, lessons, tours, spas, salons, retail shops, and much more ““ all with such value that it will be hard to pass up!“˜
Upcoming Twangoo deals for Cape Town include:
– An incredible Truth Coffee deal
– A 2 course meal at Savoy Cabbage
– A day of pampering at the Yemaya Health Spa
– A month of boxing training and lessons at the Armoury Boxing Club
– Yoga classes, helicopter flips, dancing lessons, and lots more
At present Twangoo is only available in Cape Town, but this will hopefully change soon enough. If you are a business who wants to see how Twangoo might work for you, contact their CEO at