The Internet Archive launches a Trump Archive for fact-checking, research

The Internet Archive has launched a specific Trump Archive for fact-checking purposes, which includes over 520 hours of video of the US President-elect.

US President-elect Donald Trump’s election campaign was a maelstrom of promises, barbs and mixed statements, and now – ahead of his inauguration on January 20th – the Internet Archive has launched a gestalt Trump Archive for fact-checking purposes.
In an official statement, the Internet Archive offered that “Reporters, researchers, Wikipedians, and the general public are invited to quote, compare, and contrast televised statements made by Trump… We hope to provide assistance for those tracking Trump‘s evolving statements on public policy issues.“
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The Trump Archive contains more than 700 televised speeches, consisting of interviews, debates, and other broadcasts pertaining to the President-elect. In total, that amounts to more than 520 hours of video pertaining to Trump.
The earliest material archived dates to 2009, and the entire archive consists of more than 500 video statements on subjects such as Hillary Clinton’s emails, health care, immigration to the US, and Trump’s tax returns – amongst others.
The archive is open to the general public, who the Internet Archive have invited to quote and use to compare and contrast statements issued by Trump on televised mediums. Resources can be used to further create content online.
The Internet Archive further clarified that it sees the Trump Archive as a model for creating similar archives about other publicly and politically exposed individuals – citing that the Archive would pursue creating collections around US Supreme Court nominees, for example.
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What are your thoughts on the formation of the Trump Archive? How else could internet archives be used to chronicle the statements and issued beliefs of elected representatives or exposed individuals? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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